Mission Statement

Establish Prince Jireh as a premiere advertising and relaxation place using natural way of treatment in the world while maintaining our highest standard of excellent service as we grow.


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West Avenue

82 A West Ave, Philam, Quezon City

M-S 12:00 NN until 12:00 MN | SUN 2:00 PM until 12:00 MN

410-5214 / 738-6372


G/F KING`S COURT 2, 2129 Chino Roces Ave., (Pasong Tamo), cor. Dela Rosa, Makati City

M-S 12:00 NN until 12:00 MN | SUN 2:00 PM until 12:00 MN



G/F Sanly Corp Bldg., #237-239 P. Tuazon Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City

M-S 12:00 NN until 12:00 MN | SUN 2:00 PM until 12:00 MN


Products and Services

Face Value, Hair Story, Foot First, Body Massage, Enlightening Treatment, Slimming Body Treatments, Special Services


Facial Massage
Refresh your skin and feel younger with this gentle massage on face using aromatic oil.
Php 220

Natural Facial
An extraordinary skin care using the natural mixture of fresh fruits for cleansing, exfoliation and mask. It moisturizes, softens, lightens and relaxes your skin altogether with a gentle touch technique on your face.
Php 385

Head & Scalp Massage
Luxuriously warm coconut oil is lovingly massaged into your hair. Then the ultimate, a neck and scalp massage leaving you to drift away among your dreams.
Php 330

A holistic healing technique based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every part, gland and organ within the body. Pressure is applied to the relevant reflex area using knuckle and finger techniques, causing physiological changes to take place in the body or problem area.
Php 385

Prince Massage
An art massage style applications including joint movement to stimulate blood circulation, soothe tensed muscles and release toxins into the muscle tissue. This treatment will leave you in a complete state of relaxation.
Php 418

Dry Massage
This dry, Japanese art of massage using pressure from thumbs, hand, elbow and knees restores balance, stimulates flow of energy throughout the body and helps in relieving simple muscular aches and pains caused by tension and fatigue.
Php 418

Relaxation Massage
This therapy is a must for stressed individuals. It includes light pressure massage, manipulating the soft tissue on the body that gives a relaxing mood; uses therapeutic oils in order to encourage good health, equilibrium, and well-being.
Php 715

Indonesian Massage
A very firm massage with spirited applications including thumping, stretching and joint movement to alleviate body pains. Designed to soothe sore muscles, tired joints and for those who prefer a strong massage.
Php 825

Hot Rock Massage
Warm stones are used with the application of various massage techniques. Hot Rock massage benefits are stronger and more intense compared to regular massage therapy. Additional benefits include: detoxification of the body, improved digestion and overall metabolism, decreases blood pressure, keeps muscles flexible and pliable, stimulates the circulatory system, induces deep relaxation to alleviate stress and helps relieve pain and muscle spasms.
Php 1320

Tropical Massage
A luxurious massage combined to suit your extravagant needs. This signature massage consists of various techniques of Thai massage, Indonesian Massage and Xiamen style of Foot Massage designed for total satisfaction and inner healing of your body.
Php 385

Natural Underarm Treatment
Experience the power of natural treatment through cleansing, scrubbing and mask made from natural ingredients mixed to lighten your underarm.
Php 330

Natures Scrub
A top to toe exfoliation using natural granuls and milk, an aid in the removal of accumulated residue and impurities while whisking away dry, dull skin and polishing skin surface to reveal a satin smooth texture.
Php 880

Summer Indulgence
A whole body scrub and body polish using milk with cucumber to draw heat from the body at the same time moisturizes the skin. An ideal choice on the hot summer season.
Php 1100

Exfoliates and polishes the body with a cooling wrap that draws heat out of the body, softens and lightens the skin using all natural ingredients. This should be part of your regimen if beauty is your goal.
Php 1650

Papaya Body Polish
Papaya Body Polish
Php 440

Zor Wrap
A whole body wrap creating a warming effect to soothe nausea , stimulates blood circulation, loosens inflamed muscles and joints and even reduced pain.
Php 440

Tightening Body Wrap
A cleansing scrub using Natural granules and milk followed by a warming ginger and white clay wrap to re-firm slack skin. A wrap from Indonesia, which helps to flush out the toxins and other impurities from the body that are responsible for cellulite, tiredness, skin problem and water retention. Recommended to get rid of unwanted pounds.
Php 1100

Foot Spa
Php 275

Hair Spa
Php 165

Deep Cleansing Facial
Php 330

Armpit Waxing
Php 385

Warts Removal
Php 385

Eye Massage
Php 110


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About Us

Establish Prince Jireh as a premiere advertising and relaxation place using natural way of treatment in the world while maintaining our highest standard of excellent service as we grow.

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Mission Statement

To provide great work ambience and treat each other as a family with care, respect and integrity.

Embrace failure and hurt as an important part of our business in able as to fail forward.

Apply our service with miles of heart.

To prevent illness and become alternative medicine.

Recognize that service first before profit.

Give costumer satisfaction in all of the time.


Our vision is HANIEL. To uncover the lost secrets of natural healing remedies in the world. Help bring beauty, harmony and loving friends into your life.

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